Payment & Collection Policy

It is the policy of the Sabre Hockey Association (“SHA”) that payment must be made before permission is granted to participate in any SHA event, including, but not limited to, tryouts, practice, clinics or games. Failure to pay amounts due in a timely manner is grounds for summary suspension. Compliance with financial obligations is an express condition of participation in the SHA. Parents and participants may be refused admission to SHA events or facilities and may be asked to physically leave the premises for failure to comply with these obligations. Parents and Participants may also be referred to AHAI for failure to pay fees and costs that are due and owing.


Clinic Fees

Pre-tryout conditioning clinics, checking clinics and any other SHA clinic fees are due in full prior to participation in such clinics. The participant will not be allowed on the ice if payment for the clinic has not been made prior to the scheduled event or any previous balance is owed to SHA.

There are no refunds for any SHA clinics that run six weeks or less.

Registration Fees for Tryouts

Registration fees for tryouts are due prior to tryouts (“Registration Fees”). The participant will not be allowed to tryout if the Registration Fee is not received before the tryout.

Registration Fees are non-refundable once the skater has touched the ice. Prior to the first try-out, refunds can be issued - less a $50 administrative fee.

Participation Fees

Once a skater is placed on a team, their regular season fees become due and payable (“Participation Fees”). A participant may choose to either pay the Participation Fees in full upfront or take advantage of the Sabre installment plan (“Installment Plan”).

Installment Plan:

Payments are due on *8/30, 9/27, 10/25, 11/29, 12/27, 1/31 and 2/28 of the current program year. A participant may set up these installments on their credit card at the time of registration.

*8/30 payment date is for 14U - 19U Girls and Midget Players.

Failure to make payment may result in removal from SHA events, activities, and premises.

Late Processing Fees

If a participant registers after the deadline outlined in the registration materials, they will be required to pay an additional $100 in late processing fees. This late fee shall be due before participating in tryouts and is nonrefundable.

NSF Fee and Declined Debit/Credit Cards

If a credit or debit card is declined for any reason, the participant will be charged an additional $25 processing fee.


Multiple Skater Discount

The multiple skater discount applies to families with more than one skater and no other discounts available to them (“Multiple Skater Discount”). Families with 2 skaters receive a $100 discount off each skaters’ fees. Families with 3 skaters or more receive a $200 discount off each skaters’ fees. This discount applies only to Fall Season Fees. In order to receive this discount, please email by 9/27/2024.

Pro-Rated Fees

Participants registering after October 15th for the fall/winter season or participants who are injured may be eligible to have their Participation Fees prorated. For purposes of prorated fees due to injury, the injury must be sustained while playing hockey with the SHA and the participant must be unable to participate in practices and / or games for at least a period of six consecutive weeks. SHA will request a petition for credit be accompanied by documentation from the treating physician, verifying that the Participant is not able to participate as a direct result of the injury for the appropriate length of time. Final determination and the granting of a credit will be at the sole discretion of the SHA Board of Directors.

Fundraising Opportunities

Participants who make a donation to the Sabre Social Auction may receive a percentage of sale proceeds as a credit against their Fall Skater Fees. This amount cannot exceed one skater’s total fees. A participant who sells advertising for the Sabre Directory or the Sabre Website may also receive a percentage of the sale as a credit against their Fall Skater Fees. Finally, a participant who sells a team sponsorship may also receive a percentage of the sale as a credit against their Fall Skater Fees. Any adjustments that result from fundraising opportunities will reduce a participant’s final season payment. Any refunds will be paid via check in February.

Goalie Discounts

Participants who register as a Goalie will receive the current year goalie discount. If a participant will be skating as a non-goalie player in games and practices when he/she is not playing the goalie position, the participant will be required to pay the full skater fee (i.e. the goalie discount is not applicable).

Sabre Collection Policy

The moment an amount becomes past due as defined above, an email notification will be sent by SHA to the family alerting them of the past due balance and that the amount must be remitted to SHA within ten (10) days of the email notification. Failure to remit the past due balance within ten (10) days will be deemed a payment violation.

SHA will send a second notification email stating the past due balance and request that payment be made within five (5) days. If the amount remains unpaid fifteen (15) days after the first notification or after January 25th of a program year, a letter will be sent to the family by regular mail, requesting payment and explaining that the next step is recommendation to the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors of a suspension of the participant(s) from all practices, games, scrimmages, and any other team/club related activities.

If the family does not make a good faith effort to pay all outstanding fees within ten (10) days after the date of the letter described above, SHA will notify the head coach with instructions to remove the participant from the ice.

SHA will also forward the matter to the AHAI Rules & Ethics Committee which could result in suspension by AHAI (please see the AHAI website for a current version of AHAI’s fees and payment policy).

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